Controlling the systems in your home or business has never been so easy and intuitive. Xssentials engineers will design and install amazingly sophisticated, yet simple smart home controls for your entertainment, lighting, temperature, window shades and much more.

Lighting:Always, Perfect Light for Any Occasion

Imagine vaulted ceilings softly and warmly aglow, artwork spotlighted from across the room, pathways along the the walks, stairs and halls safely lit, and bright kitchen counters flooded in light.

Now, imagine this light knowing automatically when to come on, turn down, or go off completely.

It’s the type of automated lighting routinely designed, installed and programmed by Xssentials…the type that lets your home intelligently illuminate your life.

Windows:Privacy or Beautiful Vistas? Your House Will Know…

Your home is designed to take in sunshine, nature, and broad beautiful vistas. Yet there are times when windows are best covered.

Xssentials will design intelligent window coverings that not only enhance your home’s appearance, but will know when to let light and scenery in, and when to guard your privacy and protect from glaring sunshine.

Climate:Warm & Inviting, Cool & Relaxing… Automatically

Rushing in on an icy winter’s evening, or relaxing on the couch on a hot Saturday afternoon, you expect your home to at be that perfectly comfortable temperature.

And it will when Xssentials integrates climate controls with the lighting, and even the window coverings to block out glaring morning light, or invite in warming winter sunshine…all to create the comfort you find only in your own home.

Remote Access:From Anywhere on the Planet

Control lights, arm alarms, check cameras, set temperature, lock and unlock doors…from anywhere, anytime.

Using Smartphones, tablets, or any networked computer, Xssentials will change the way you control and monitor your home or business, delivering home automation systems so simple and intuitive they will become second nature, wherever you are.

Control Systems:So Simple It’s Easy to Take Control

We install only simple Savant controls, built on Apple iOS devices, so you’ll have no problem directing your home’s automated systems. In fact, you likely have all the basics down already!

Often our Xssentials technicians arrive, ready to train a new homeowner, only to find that they have already figured it out all on their own.

Technology:Systems for the Long Haul

Over our 30+ years, Xssentials has seen a lot of technology come and go. That’s how we know which systems to avoid, and which will last well into your future.

In fact, every Xssentials control system is designed not only with today’s finest components, but also with an eye on the future. We’ll be sure that your home works today, and will be ready to upgrade and work with technologies only now on the horizon.


"Several things are worth mentioning on their bang up job, such as, saving Roxy, the family dog. When the fire alarm went off in the building – not only did the staff secure everything, but they thought enough to find Roxy and take her to safety. It’s comforting to know that the people you have invited to work in your own home or your client’s home possess this kind of character. It says a lot for the company they represent, too. Thank you for the great efforts and care on this project – you made me look good."

Patti Brooks

"At one site, information was communicated incorrectly to your technicians by a third party before I showed up and the job was not complete. I made one phone call and a technician was on site within the hour to complete the install. It just doesn’t get better than that."

Tanya Myers, Grand Junction Pipe & Supply

"Xssentials provides professional service that we rely on. Their expertise in low-voltage systems and the quality, care, and promptness of their team makes them an invaluable asset to our business."

Andy Braudis, William H. Baker Construction

"I have worked with the Xssentials team for years building innovative entertainment systems. Our most recent upgrade to Savant controls running on iPad and iPhone has been an instant hit!"

Bill Joy, Homeowner

"Everyone at Xssentials is focused on making sure the customer experience is exceptional. Last summer we were having a dinner party when the power went out, disabling our entire system.  I called your people and they were at the house within 45min and quickly had the system back up and running.  Everyone at the party, especially Vickie and me, were quite impressed.  You have set the bar very high."

Dan Waters, Homeowner

"Whether working on a home in Punta Cana, a yacht in Port Townsend, or the Headquarters of the AIA in Colorado, having Xssentials on the team always results in happy clients. As a lighting designer, I have worked with almost every system integration company in the region.  Quite simply, Xssentials is on a higher plane.  Their consistency, knowledge, attention to detail and outstanding customer service are why I recommend Xssentials to my clients."

Gregg Mackell, 186 Lighting Design Group

"It’s wonderful to hear that Xssentials has expanded to the eastern slope—now I have someone to send my Denver clients to as well!"

Kyle Webb, Architect

"Of all the contractors I have ever worked with, you have earned the right of my endorsement as much as anyone we’ve ever met. In fact, I’m hoping to get you all the way to the East Coast and become your first customer in Massachusetts."

Denise Dupre, Homeowner
Did You Know
There is more computer power on one Apple iPhone than NASA used to send a man to the moon?